新西兰旅游签证申请清单-普通访问签证申请清单VISITOR VISA

If you are a citizen of the People’s Republic of China, and you want to travel to New Zealand for less than 6 months for the purposes of tourism only, you should use application form INZ1188 and the associated checklist.
如果您是中国公民,并且仅希望前往新西兰旅游少于 6 个月,可使用访问签证表格 INZ1188 和相关的材料清单。

You can apply online for this visa type and you can access our online visa application service through our website: www.immigration.govt.nz.
此外您可以在线提交此类别的签证申请。您可以访问我们的网站了解并获取在线签证 申请服务:www.immigration.govt.nz

Alternatively you can lodge your application at the New Zealand Visa Application Centres (VAC) in China OR Hong Kong. For more information about the VACS visit: www.vfsglobal.cn/NewZealand/China . It’s important you provide all the relevant information requested below so we can process your application promptly. Application forms are available from our website: www.immigration.govt.nz/forms.
您可将申请递交至中国大陆或香港地区的新西兰签证中心。如需获得关于签证中心的 更多信息,请访问: www.vfsglobal.cn/NewZealand/China . 请务必按照下列要求提供所有 相关信息,以便我们能够及时审理您的签证申请。签证表格可以从我们的官网获取: www.immigration.govt.nz/forms.

Who can be included in an application?

 An individual

 A couple

 Parent(s) with dependent children under 20 applying at the same time for the same duration

 单个申请人

 夫妻

 父母偕同 20 岁以下未成年子女,相同时间出行。

You do not have to provide original documents when you lodge your application unless specified in this checklist, but if you choose to, please provide a copy along with the original. All Application and Supplementary Forms must be the signed original.

除非以下清单明确要求提供原件,在递交申请时您可以选择不提供申请材料的原件。 如果您选择提供原件,请同时提供原件和复印件。在提交申请材料时,所有的签证表 格必须是原件。

 A fully completed Visitor visa application form (INZ 1017) or, Tourist/Business Visitor visa application form (INZ 1189) 填写完整的访问申请表((INZ 1017)或(INZ 1189)

 Supplementary Form for Chinese Visitors, Students and Workers (INZ 1027) (CHINESE NATIONALS AND PEOPLE BORN IN CHINA ONLY) 补充申请表,仅适用于中国公民以及在中国出生的申请人的访问、学生及工作申请(INZ 1027)

 Supplementary Form for Hong Kong and Macau Visitors, Workers and Students (INZ 1220) (HOLDERS OF HKSAR AND HKBNO PASSPORTS, HOLDERS OF HONG KONG DOCUMENTS OF IDENTITY and HOLDERS of MACAU SAR PASSPORTS and TRAVEL PERMIT ONLY) 补充表适用于香港及澳门居民的访问、学生及工作申请(INZ 1220) (仅香港特别行政区、香港英国国民海外护照持有人、香港签证身份书持有人、澳门特別行政区及旅行证持有 人)

 Two recent passport-sized colour photographs, (must be less than 6 months old ) of each person included in the application (any background) 包含在此申请中的每位申请人的近期护照照片两张(必须是六个月以内的)

 Application fee 申请费用

More information about fees can be found on the Office and fees calculator.

更多申请费用信息,请参阅 Office and fees calculator

 Current Passports (original or certified copy) for every person included in the application 所有申请人必须提供有效护照原件或认证复印件

 A copy of the identity pages of the passports of every person included in the application 申请中包括的所有申请人的护照个人资料页复印件

 A copy of Hong Kong /Macau identity card of every person included in the application (HK AND MACAU RESIDENTS ONLY) 香港/澳门身份证复印件(仅适用于香港和澳门居民)

 A copy of the Chinese identity card of every person included in the application 所有申请人必须提供中国身份证复印件

 Household registration book (Hukou) (CHINESE NATIONALS ONLY) 申请人户口簿(仅适用于中国公民)

 Evidence of your ability to fund your stay in New Zealand, and your outward travel from New Zealand such as: 须提供资金证明,表明有能力负担在新西兰访问期间的费用及返程机票,例如:

 A completed Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025); or

 Bank deposit books showing a saving history

 Bank statements or payslips for the previous 6 months

 Credit card statements and limits

 Any other evidence of funds in addition to the above.

 一份填写完整的新西兰访问签证担保表(INZ 1025);或

 银行存折,显示存款历史

 最近 6 个月的银行对帐单或工资单

 显示额度的信用卡对帐单

 其他资金证明

 If you are including your partner or dependent child in your application, submit evidence of your relationship to them, such as your Hukou, your marriage certificate, your child’s birth certificate showing parents’ names.如有配偶或未成年子女随行,请递交您与该配偶或子女关系证明,例如户口簿, 结婚证或子女出生证(显示父母名 字)

 If your dependent child is included in your application but the child’s other parent is not travelling with you, please provide a letter of consent for the child to travel, from the non-travelling parent. 如有未成年子女随行,但您的配偶不随行,必须递交不随行的父母一方的书面同意函,表示同意该子女随您出 行。

 If you are employed, a letter from your employer stating: 如有工作,须提供雇主证明信,须包含以下信息:

 Your position and salary

 The length of your employment

 Your leave approval

 Name and contact details of your employer

 申请人的职位及收入

 工作年限

 准假证明

 雇主姓名及有效联系方式

 If you own your own company, we require the following: 如为私营业主,须提供以下材料:

 Business licence with capital verification report

 Statement about the business scope and the number of employees

 Recent business tax returns with income statement

 Recent bank documents showing daily business transactions

 营业执照以及验资报告

 情况说明一份,说明业务范围及员工人数

 近期企业收入所得税税单

 近期企业银行对帐单,显示每日交易内容

 If you are retired, a copy of your Retirement Certificate 如退休,须提供退休证

 If you are coming to New Zealand for 24 months or longer (this includes any time you have already spent in New Zealand) you (aged 17 and older) must provide police certificates as evidence of your good character. See How to obtain a Police Certificate for information on what to do. 如计划在新西兰逗留时间为 24 个月或以上 (包含曾经在新西兰停留的时间),17 岁及 17 岁以上的申请人须提供无 刑事犯罪公证书 police certificates。更多信息请参阅 How to obtain a Police Certificate (如何获取无刑事犯罪证明)

 If you intend to be in New Zealand for more than 6 months, you must provide evidence that you have completed: Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096). 如计划在新西兰逗留时间为 6 个月以上,须递交:

 胸部 X 光电子体检报告(INZ 1096)。 Please note that a chest x-ray certificate is NOT required if: 短期入境签证胸部 X 光表在以下情况下无需递交:

 You have provided a Chest X –ray Certificate to INZ within the 36 months preceding this application, and

 You have not spent the previous six consecutive months in China, Hong Kong or another country that is not a lowincidence country for tuberculosis (TB)

 如已在此申请之前 36 个月之内递交过入境签证胸部 X 光表,并且

 过去连续 6 个月中您未在中国、香港或其他肺结核高发国家逗留

Note: 请注意

 Certificates must be less than 3 months old when the application is submitted

 Note: All medical certificates must be completed by an INZ appointed panel doctor: www.immigration.govt.nz/paneldoctors

 The Panel Doctor will electronically submit x-ray and medical certificates directly to INZ.  体格检查表须在此申请递交前 3 个月内完成

 备注:所有体检须由新西兰移民局指定医院完成,请参阅: www.immigration.govt.nz/paneldoctors

 指定医院会将胸透及体检表格直接在线递交至新西兰移民局

Immigration New Zealand reserves the right to request additional information in the course of assessing an application and to retain information and documents on file.



Note: Failure to submit all the necessary documents listed above may result in your application being refused, or a delay in processing if INZ requires further documents.

备注:未能提交所有上述所需文件可能导致您的签证申请被拒绝。如果新西兰移民局要求提供补充资 料,将会延长您的签证申请的审理时间。